Our Board is independent to management. The key executives have many decades of experience in Construction, Banking,  Property Development, Legal, bridging finance Accountancy, Audit, and other related experience. 

Lena Vassallo / Director Company Secretary / Compliance / Accounting

Diversified experience including 10 years administration at a senior government department in SA (Labour and Industry), a former State Premier confidant and general advisor (John Bannon). Board member.

Anthony (Tony) Ivelja / Credit Manager and Director of ACMF Commercial Pty Ltd

Career Credit Manager with over 30 years experience in banking operations in loan assessments and credit committee activities. Tony has worked at several credit unions and banks over his career and adds valuable credit experience at a grass-roots level, and compliments our credit panel. Tony holds a BA (Business). Board member

Albert Callegher / CEO / Business Development Manager / Project Advisory / Business Strategist

25 years experience in the finance and property investment industry in Adelaide and Melbourne involved in the acquisition of substantial empty commercial property purchase syndications, refurbishment and leasing up programs & related management as a partner. Development and related Finance Consultant for over 15 years previously with former NBA Ltd, now NAB as trainee banker studying Economics). Current role of Group BDM and joint Managing Director of ACMF Commercial Pty Ltd an ACMF Lender. 

Teala Tubb / Credit and Compliance

Former ASIC compliance and Accounts Manager joined ACMF to expand the credit team. Financial accounts, credit and compliance. (BA Business and Accounting)

Vladislav Fedorov / Group company secretary

Tripled degree recently completed Monash studies and appointed as the group secretary. No previous finance or real estate background whoever with honours in all subjects such as Geoscience, International and Political affairs, serves ACMF well when dealing with international clients

Mark Greenberg / Director of ACMF Capital Pty Ltd

20 plus years specialising in commercial property finance, managing construction lending and investor mortgage portfolio which includes senior account executive with ANZ Bank and other financial institutions (MBA Business and Accountant qualified, and an ACMF Board member)