HNW individuals, Investment Funds, Family Group requiring investment in a mortgage (not in a general fund with usual restrictions) but rather hold ownership of the mortgage, full control but requiring general loan management on their behalf and finance consultation;

CONSTRUCTION FINANCE – Construction loans from $1.5m – $50m (larger case by case). Interest rate from 7% pa or FDA equivalent circa below 5.0% pa fully (as at 2nd July 2019).

LAND FINANCE – Property Development Site acquisition funding (commonly known as “Land Banking”). Typical loans range from $1m to $10m. Rates quoted on case by case basis between 8.0% - 10.0% pa plus loan costs, prepaid interest allows us to lend up to 2 years.

SHORT TERM ASSET FINANCE – Quoted on a case by case basis Settled within 3-5 business days if all information is provided, amounts above $5m case by case older valuations may be acceptable subject to LVR limits (<70), defined repayment and property types.

REFINANCING EXISTING LOANS - Both commercial and residential real estate with rates from 6.5% per annum (as of 8th July 2019

STAND-BY FACILITY – Unique to ACMF, all of our loans have this facility at no extra set up charge. This is not available outside an ACMF Facility.

FINANCE MANAGEMENT –  Loan reporting, onsite meetings, investor relations and general loan monitoring during the life of the loan reported back to our financing partners. ACMF does not manage investors funds, all funds managed independently typically a larger law firm or preferred law firm, ACMF carrying out the physical and strategic practical management.

With a combined 20 years experience in commercial property asset management, acquisition and syndication, banking and property development experience, we ensure our clients are in good company in planning and strategising their next project. From pre-acquisition analysis, through to completion, we are there every step of the way.


  • Over the last 25 years we have evolved into a specialist Project Finance and Property Advisory company from being experienced in the field as developers, lenders, senior bankers with construction finance expertise.

  • ACMF teams up Investors, Managed Funds and our own funds to structure a complete finance facility.

  • Our strength is to make up the total budget required to fund a project. Anyone can fund 50-65% LVR however after valuation, QS & credit requirements typically the average land acquisition or development may require 5% to 10% additional LVR top-up. This is where ACMF stands out.

  • A loan with a low LVR is fine if the Banks credit team believe the borrowers accuracy of cost and time parameters, however many times contingencies are under stated causing Bank rejection.

  • Developers that prefer higher leverage to make their capital work harder require a suitably structured facility allowing greater return on equity.

  • The Banks' requirements are typically inflexible whereas we customise a loan to suit the client requirements.

  • As a result of our experience, we are often taken on as a project advisor from inception, assessing feasibility, finance structuring and profitability analysis.