Low Doc Financing

1st Mortgage 7.5% – 8.5% range per annum based on 12 month loan
2nd Mortgage Circa 12% – 18% per annum  (LVR sensitive)
Interest rate to reflect the LVR* risk profile and loan term
Balance of funds or the top-up provided by ACMF
Reliable long term financiers with whom we have a direct relationship with only.

LENDER RELATIONS - We only deal with lenders whom we have a direct relationship with, involved in credit decisions and allow ACMF to lend when required. We are NOT a general broker. Many times we quote and it may be higher than others, however our strength is performance and integrity. We keep it simple, if we are unable to compete or deliver, we advise accordingly. 

SHORTFALL - If a small shortfall does exist, ACMF can make up the balance required by internal arrangements. By having this relationship with preferred lenders, we can assist our clients where other lenders and brokers cannot. NOTE We are not general brokers and can only lend when our first mortgage firm is making teh advance with whom we have a formal relationship.


Asset lending based on asset values / product demand / borrowers business / repayment plan.