Short Term Finance to $15m & settled in 5 B-days*

  • 2-3 month terms (typical) although we prefer to offer a 6 month term with early release;

  • Ideal for settlement of a short contract period whilst waiting for other income;

  • Settlement shortfalls or holding costs whilst waiting for permits;

  • Examples, current financier threaten to re-possess, tax/creditor demand, simply secured a great acquisition on a short settlement and repaid for example, by selling other property

  • Loans funded internally by direct investor relationships, pre approved by ACMF Credit;

  • Rate 1% PM up to 50%-60%, higher LVR rate 1.5%-2% PM - Valuation required at 70% LVR or higher

Bridging Finance - medium term financing

  • 6-12 month terms (extensions available) - Valuation required above 50% LVR;

  • Ideal for medium term to settle a property urgently or a general holding position;

  • Funding sizes from $1m - $20m (larger case by case up to $50m);

  • All loans are funded by direct investor relationships;

  • Current interest rate available 8.8% per annum (quote provided on application, lower LVR down to 8.0%);

Please note: Loans are only available to companies for business purposes only. Fees, charges & underwriting costs apply to all lending. Urgent settlements in a few days typically have existing valuations, adequate security and repayment details to satisfy ACMF's investor & credit team.