Short Term Finance to $10m & settled in 3 B/days*

  • Loan Offers quote “funds have been made available if accepted within the offer term”;

  • Terms range from 3 months to 12 months;

  • Credit issues, ATO debt, past default etc accepted (brief explanation required);

  • Examples, unreliable bank on a purchase, current financier threaten OR has re possessed, ATO / creditor demand, OR simply secured a great acquisition on a short settlement and repaid for example, by selling other property.

  • Loans funded internally by direct investor relationships, pre approved by ACMF Credit;

  • Rates quoted on each deal, since July 2019 below 9% PA up to 60%, above this quoted;

  • Fastest Loan settled, November 2018, $7.150m in 2 business days (Lawyer Ref available)

  • Larger case by case, all loans our lawyers confirms funds ready with the other side lawyers;


Bridging Finance - medium term financing

  • 6-12 month terms - Valuation required from 60% - 65% LVR otherwise internally assessed;

  • Ideal for medium term to settle a property urgently or a general holding position;

  • Funding sizes from $1m - $10m (larger case by case);

  • All loans are funded by direct investor relationships hence the fast response time;

*Please note: Loans are only available to companies for business purposes only. Fees, charges & underwriting costs apply to all lending. Urgent settlements in a few days typically have existing valuations, adequate security and repayment details to satisfy ACMF's investor & credit team.


Many times when reliant upon older valuations due to time constraints to allow us to settle with a 2 -3 business days, the LVR is required to be below 70% with a defined repayment plan and based on internal assessments to back up our research. The biggest reason what loan does not proceed, so when applying seek local knowledge and get written advice from sales agents about their opinions and ask for recent comparable sales history. This saves a lot of possible disappointment.


Asset lending based on asset values / product demand / borrowers business / repayment plan. All funding is subject to the availability of funds at that time. When Loan Offers are issued, they have a cut off time frame for acceptance to secure funding.