$5.500m Bridging and construction facility. Lawyer introduction client with a great deal but let down by others. Stage 1 commercial lots, settled at 120% of purchase price, upon reaching sales target allowing Stage 2 to commence the short term lender provided the funds and ACMF ranked last with $600k and entered into a Profit fixed fee, profit share basis with all parties. It started at 120% LVR after all.

Client saved his great deal, turned his $300k investment into over $3.0m within 12 months now entering into Stage 2, steady sales gave us confidence to proceed. The borrower after 5 sales can count his profits. We entered into a fixed fee return profit sharing basis. Rare but when a genuine high profit deal comes about, ACMF is happy to take a calculated risk with its investor when well secured with ACMF ranking last overseeing and reporting back. The key here is simply a highly profitable project can be fully funded 100%, typically net returns on cost exceeds 25%-30%.